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Autumn 2022 Britain at War

britain at war

This project teaches children about the causes, events and consequences of the First and Second World Wars, the influence of new inventions on warfare, how life in Great Britain was affected and the legacy of the wars in the post-war period.

Britain at war 1britain at war 2

Summer 1 2022 Hola Mexico!

Hola MexicoHola 1Hola 2

Spring 2 2022 Off with her head

off with her head

Develop children’s knowledge of the Tudor dynasty. Children learn about Henry VIII and his marriages, life and legacy.

off head know 1off head know 2

Spring 1 2022 Frozen Kingdom

1 Frozen Kingdom2 Frozen3 Frozen

Autumn 2 2021 Tomorrows World

Tomorrows world ProjectTomorrows world knowledge 1Tomorrow world knowledge 2

Autumn 1 2021 Pharaohs

PharaohsKnowldge 3 PharaohsKnowledge 1 Pharaohs
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