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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE focuses on health, citizenship, relationships, world of work and sustainable development in a global society.  Through our PSHE lessons we promote the children's sense of self-worth, to enable them to become happy, confident and caring members of our community.  We encourage children to have high expectations of themselves, in terms of both work and behaviour.  We teach the importanec of perseverance and providing spport and encouragement to help each other overcome difficulties.  We aim to equip children for life by developing positive attitudes to learning, and tolerance and respect for others.

The Governing Body has agreed a sex education policy, a copy of which is available from the school office.  The Governors are keen to stress that this subject is handled with great sensitivity and is delivered in such a manner as to encourage pupils to have due regard to moral considerations and the value of family life.  It is taught within the existing curriculum as part of both PSHE and Science.

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